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Mont Saint Michel
What we do

What we do...

We Love Normandy propose the best luxury chateaux, hotels and villas, exclusive guided  D-Day tours, virtual D-Day tours and VIP chauffeur transportation. We help you plan all the must-see attractions – the D-Day beaches, the Bayeux Tapestry and Mont Saint Michel – plus the hidden-gems that are so easily overlooked without expert local knowledge. We know personally the owners of all our recommended properties, transport and guiding companies, activities and restaurants, and can secure the best possible rates. Together we can design a trouble-free programme and make your Normandy vacation unforgettable.

Mont Saint Michel
TripAdvisor Travelers Choice 2021

“The day after troops from our Ninth Division pushed through and cut off the Cherbourg peninsula, I went touring in a jeep over the country they had just taken. The Norman country is truly lovely in many places. In the western part of the peninsula the ground becomes hilly and rolling. Everything was a vivid green, there were trees everywhere, and the view across the fields from a rise looked exactly like the rich, gentle land of eastern Pennsylvania. It was too wonderfully beautiful to be the scene of war…”

Ernie Pyle, Brave Men,1944

Photo: @grissom91

Who we are

Who we are...

Patrick and Nicky Hilyer by We Love Normandy

Nicky and Patrick Hilyer have lived and worked in Normandy since 2003. Nicky, a professional chef de cuisine for almost thirty years, has a passion for classic French cookery. She is a regional inspector for a well-known international accommodation guide, and knows first-hand all the best properties (and kitchens) in the region. Patrick, ex-restaurateur and award-winning wine travel writer, brings his food and wine knowledge to the table. He is a professional driver/guide and a member of the Normandy Battlefield Tour Guides Association. He shares his passion for Normandy's history with small, private groups. “Between us we have nearly fifty years' experience in hospitality and tourism, and provide a unique and exemplary service to our delighted clients.”



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