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The Brave Ones

Photo: Brendan Hart

This shining steel monument, Les Braves (The Brave Ones), is implanted in the sands of Omaha Beach. At high tide the waters of the English channel cover the base of the monument. The creator of the work, Anne-Laure Banon, dedicated the work to bravery of the US armed forces on D-Day 1944:

I created this sculpture to honour the courage of these men: sons, husbands and fathers, who endangered and often sacrificed their lives in the hope of freeing the French people.

Les Braves consists of three elements:

The wings of Hope – So that the spirit which carried these men on June 6th, 1944 continues to inspire us, reminding us that together it is always possible to changing the future.

Rise, Freedom! – So that the example of those who rose against barbarity, helps us remain standing strong against all forms of inhumanity.

The Wings of Fraternity – So that this surge of brotherhood always reminds us of our responsibility towards others as well as ourselves.

On June 6th, 1944 these man were more than soldiers, they were our brothers.

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